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Hello and welcome! Here at CopperBot Media there are three things I'm passionate about: art, technology, and connecting with other human beings. That said I've come to love the web like a fish loves water! Being one part artist and one part developer the services I provide can be divided into two primary categories: Web Design & Digital Art. For the prior I specialize in website design and development, CMS integration and management, interface design and the development of basic flash components. With the later I primarily focus on 2D graphic design, conceptual illustration, print design, and 2D sprite graphics and animation. Want to know more?

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Recent Blog Posts

It is a massive understatement to say that I’ve been really bad at updating this site. I’ve been far too busy over the last couple years to make regular, or any, updates apparently. I hope to change that with a site redesign currently in the works as I prepare to take a new approach to this business in 2013. In the meantime I FINALLY have a T-Shirt Design up for sale over at RedBubble.

Dynamic Copyright Code

April 22nd, 2010

Nowadays most, if not all, websites contain a small copyright blurb in their site footer. Take a look at the bottom of this site and you’ll see the text: “Copyright © 2009-2010 CopperBot Media” as an example. Even if you’re fairly new to web design you’re probably already savvy enough to know the ASCII character code for the copyright symbol and you might be thinking, “Creating a copyright blurb is pretty easy. Where are you going with this?” The problem with static copyright blurbs created in HTML is that they become obsolete at the end of the year. The purpose of this post is to provide you with a simple dynamic alternative (using php) that will update automatically and keep your copyright blurbs up to date.